Navigating Hangar Frameworks - Innovations Reshaping Storage and Beyond
Join us on a journey through cutting-edge hangar frameworks, where form meets function, and possibilities soar.
Our company offers pre-fabricated buildings manufactured from cold-formed galvanised profiles of different types.
We design, manufacture, supply constructional structures and pre-fabricated buildings for industrial and warehouse use.

The building height is up to 7.2 m. Single bay width is from 6.0 m to 24.0 m (6;9;12;15;18;21;24). We use original profiles of different types from structural steel 280, 320, 350, 1 grade zinc coated (Zn 275), from 220 to 350 mm wide and 1.5-3.0 mm thick.

  • Bolted connections ensure the ease of assembly.
  • The timeproof corrosion protection system is based on the use of the galvanized steel and fixing arrangements on all framework elements, providing an opportunity to expose buildings to different aggressive environments.
  • Short manufacturing and delivery terms.
  • No flammable materials are used in structure.
  • Profile rolling is performed on the STAM (Italy) automated line, where equipment may punch manufacturing holes in the profile basis and side flanges.

From the technical aspect our fast-built hangars from , first of all are oriented to fast production and the fast, and not difficult installation which is not demanding heavy machinery, the increased professional knowledge of erection teams and according to considerable time and material costs at construction of the metal construction. By production of hangars we use only modern construction materials , and also we are guided only by connection by means of self-tapping screws and bolts for all nodes of the design and we practically exclude welded works
The company manufactures different profiles used in the domestic constructional market:
Omega steel profile, or Ω-profile — main application: grating under roofing and wall materials, connections in steel framework, replacement of profile pipes in fences and beams.
Construction steel profile Z-profile, main application: beams for inclined roofs, substitutes duplex С-profile, reducing specific amount of metal two-fold.
Structural steel profile П-profile — used as guiding for С-profile or independently. (Bended Guiding Profile) is the equal-flange roll-formed channel, produced in different standard sizes.
Main application: stands, ceilings and rafters for construction and reconstruction of buildings in industrial and residential construction. (Bended Profile for Stand Systems) or (Extra Stiff Profile).
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