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Hooklift is the loading-uploading system with cable or hooked mounting on truck chassis and intended for the safe carriage of over-sized freight. In our case, such freight means the special containers for hooklift. The containers are equipped with guiding slides, rollers in the rear part for the fast loading-uploading works and fixing securely to the chassis.
Such containers are used for collection, storage and transportation of all sorts of refuse and waste: large-sized, constructional, metals, wood-working and agricultural waste, and other.

A good container for hooklift guarantees fast and proper removal of large quantities of waste at a time.
You can purchase containers for hooklift at the WELDMETCON company on the beneficial conditions. In addition, we manufacture containers customized to drawings and sketches of the customers.

Company was formed in 2012. Company is a quickly developing company, the main tendency of which is the manufacture and setting up of metal constructions, winding and spiral staircases, barriers, bending of thin-walled tubes and steel shapes. Own machine production involves miller-, turning machines, saws, grinding machines, gas-electric equipment. Undoubted centre of technical and tool-making possibilities of the company is a series of Italian pipe bending machines “Ercolina”, which help to produce the whole spectrum of works of pipe bending in short terms. The quality of the result is based on the many- year- long experience of the skilled stuff and blameless satisfaction of customers. Company is always ready for a dialogue with the client.
Choosing container for removal and storage of metal scrap
Container capacity is the main parameter of choice. Based on the most common standards, we can classify the following application areas:
Small capacity containers (up to 8…10 m3)
They are often used as open-type as they fail to store scrap for the long time (due to swift freight turnover). As a rule, containers tend to be trapeze-shaped to reduce their weight, and recommended for storage and carriage of large-sized though relatively light-weighted scrap – e.g., different aluminum profiles or rolled steel and rolled sheet waste;

Middle capacity containers (up to 20…25 m3)
Prismatic-shaped, manufactured both as open and close types. Availability of goosenecks (transportation loops) is mandatory as micro-lifts on special-purpose vehicles fail to lift such containers, especially when loaded. Packing density of scrap for such containers may reach 50…60%. Middle capacity containers are suitable for transportation and storage of lengthy scrap, and even certain parts of disassembled steel structures;
Increased capacity
(up to 80…100 m3)
Large capacity containers are suitable for scrap transportation by water-borne and rail vehicles. They are especially convenient when supplied with the scrap side loading system: for the purpose the cranes can be used available on special-purpose vehicles. The critical mass of such containers when fully loaded (at a filling coefficient 80%) is 35…40 t, that should be considered when choosing a container carrier and a crane.

Core values in hook lift container design

Weldmetcon is a specialist design team with a passion to produce world class containerised solutions for our hook lift trailer system.

We care about what we do and take pride in our products, paying great attention to detail in producing quality and high performance hook lift container solutions at affordable prices.

We have the depth of experience to assist customers to match the size and performance of individual containers to hook lift trailers across agriculture, waste, forestry and construction sectors.

Area of use Machine platform:
Intended for transportation of different machines, tractors, broken vehicles, as well as other equipment and materials.

Standard specification:
  • Carrying capacity up to 20 tonnes evenly distributed load (available in different sizes with different carrying capacity);
  • Frame according to SS, DIN and other standards.
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