Steel Buildings

The WELDMETCON company specializes in all types of steelwork for buildings, incl. industrial objects, warehouse rooms, supermarkets, garden centers, sport halls and other. We also manufacture all types of steelwork for agricultural sector – grain depots, hay barns, horse stables… If required, we can supply attic and ground floors for existing and new buildings. The steelwork is painted in colors of customer choice or zinc coated.

Steel frame structures for construction

Professional manufacture of steel frame structures for construction allows construction companies to get the high-quality beautiful buildings, that will ideally conform with any purpose. Construction of different buildings cannot be finished without steel structures. Apart from complementing the building exterior, they contribute to the functionality, providing constructional steelwork with reliable, durable and light-gauge elements, creating the unique design without excessive burden. The practical opportunities of such products are unlimited.

Constructional steelwork helps to solve complicated engineering tasks in production of hinged products, steps, gates, fences, etc. The main advantage is the fast assembly with the utmost accuracy. All our steel structures boast the high rate of corrosion protection, ensuring their functional durability and continuously intact exterior view.

Metal products for construction can be divided into the following classes:

  • pre-fabricated products
  • light-gauge constructions
  • small and corresponding elements
Ready product looks as an elegant decorative element. Construction company may order steel structures on every stage of works. Regardless of the processing complexity, their industrialized manufacture is performed fast and in a quality manner. To prepare metal surface for prime coating and painting and provide flawless corrosion protection, the sandblasting and the beat-blasting are used.

The steel structure plant employ the expert design group, responsible for elaboration of designs exceeding your expectations. They will meet the norms of reliability, functionality and never disappoint customer with their approach to decorative appearance and idea originality. You can rest assured that our engineers are capable of designing the most original project which will perfectly match the general structure of building. Steel structures can be manufactured either from ferrous or non-ferrous metals.


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